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The best fucking machine to make you scream of ecstasy

Discover our catalogue of sex machines and get into every conceivable position

Want to get into all positions without using your hands and with sex emulator pc out effort? Then the fucking machine is for you! Also known as sex machine, sex machine or dildo machine, these devices allow automatic penetration with an adjustable angle of rotation and also controllable penetration speed. A dildo machine offe robotic female companion rs back and forth and vibration for intense pleasure! Since the most popular models are piston machines, we highly recommend that you try one. They are suitable for use i sexy man doll n the most basic positions to the most unusual.

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full set table tortura bondage machine sex

Full Set Tortura Table BDSM and Dildo Machine

  • The complete Bondage set-up!
  • Optimal lying position
  • Footrest Handcuffs
  • Machine included
  • Perfect for effortless orgasm
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- 26%
automatic sex retractable machine

Sex Machine Automatic Retractable Heaven

  • Adjustable angle up to 90°
  • 285 rpm
  • 1 dildo offered
  • Various positions
  • Remote Control
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- 25%
black sex machine gun

Sex Piston Machine Gun Black Machine Gun

  • Wireless
  • Control remote control
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Numerous positions
  • Effortlessly
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ultra speed piston sex machine

Ultra Speed Wireless Piston Sex Machine

  • Numerous positions
  • Adjustable Angles
  • Powerful and robust
  • 5 penetrations/second
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dildo machine up and down purple

Small Dildo Wireless Up-and-Down Machine with Suction Cup

  • Automatic back and forth
  • Suction Cup Holder
  • Waterproof
149.00 155.00
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- 14%
Complete kit bdsm folding bench and sex machine

Complete Kit BDSM Sex Machine + Bondage Foldable Bench

  • Ultra-complete BDSM Kit
  • Machine + Foldable Table
  • Solid leather fasteners
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- 52%
sex machine black rocket

Black Rocket Sex Machine

  • Rotation up to 120°
  • Removable body with wrist
  • Convenient and simple to use
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dildo machine auto suction cup

Sex Machine Stable 4 Automatic Suction Cups

  • 4 Suction Cups
  • Angle up to 360 degree
  • + flexibility
  • Easy to attach
  • 285 rpm
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double piston sex machine

Double Piston Sex Machine

  • Fun for two
  • Double Penetration Bars
  • Adjustable Tilt Angle
  • 5 strokes/seconds
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- 30%
gun rose machine

Dildo Machine Gun Piston Pink

  • 420 strokes/min
  • Vertical rotation ፦5 to 80 degrees
  • Top quality/price ratio
  • Includes 1 free dildo
  • Top efficiency
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- 30%
Black Piston Gun Sex Machine

Dildo Machine Gun Piston Black

  • 420 strokes/min
  • Rotation Angle ፦5 to 80 Degree
  • Affordable Price
  • Includes 1 free dildo
  • Super efficient
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Our comparison of the 5 best sex machines

Our official tester Marco offers you his comparison of the best fucking machines of the moment on the market!
sex machine gigolo

#1 -Sex Gigolo Machine

My note:

The luxurious and subtle who does not go with a dead hand!

Breaking: Victim of its Success
  • My opinion

This fucking machine is the must in terms of sensations and power!

His most enjoyable power, coupled with her included dildo, gave me orgasms of madness!

Everything is adjustable, its angle and depth of penetration may vary depending on your mood sex doll robot of the day and desire, or that of your partner.

I strongly advise you to put a carpet under the Sex Machine Gigolo, with its power it certainly risks slipping.

A very good fucking machine to wait for ecstasy at its paroxym!


automatic sex retractable machine

#2 - Heaven Sexual Machine

My note:

High-end and unbridled power

  • My opinion

The Heaven bears its name well. This machine will allow you to reach all horizons organisk. This high-end free sex simulations fucking machine will leave you no respite!

ultra speed piston sex machine


My note:

For pro, as the name indicates

  • My opinion

Available to make you scream of ecstasy, the Sex Machine Fuck Ultra Speed has everything to please! It delivers vibrations in life size realistic sex doll addition to its monstrously powerful surges! All controllable by remote control. inflatable doll reviews

sex machine vac u lock

# 4 - Dildo machine VAC U LOCK POWER BAN 3d love dolls galleries GER

My note:

Its reclining arm will melt you into possible positions

Victim of his success
  • My opinion

Indulge in every sense of the word with the Fucking Machine Vac-U-Lock Power Banger from KINK by Doc Johnson! With its 90 degree reclining arm and 195 strokes per minute, you will no longer real doll artificial intel be able to enjoy it! In addition, with its 4 s robotic companion uction cups, the most comforting stability and safety is offered!

Black Piston Gun Sex Machine

#5 - Gun Automatic Adult Dildo Machine

My note:

Perfect for getting started and getting to know each other via its dildos paraphernalia provides

  • My opinion

Offered at a low price, this fukin machine is ideal to start with these hot sex toys. Equipped with a good thrust and comes with a set of built-in dild anime full sex o, you can discover yourself with this mid-range machine.

dildo machine up and down purple

#6 - Up-and-Down Portable Up-and-Down Vibration Machine

My note:

For nomadic naughters

  • My opinion

It is portable and entry-level. For ma'am or gentleman, you ca japanese real doll n bring it anywhere and this no weight problems like the last 5 fuckin machines presented.

All our tests of fucking machine

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Anal Fantasy Fucking Machine Ass

Fuck Machine Go And Come Ass Fucker Anal Fantasy Elite

a real piston
11 MODES!!!
Big suction cup
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pipedream fucking machine
pipedream fucking machine

Ass Thruster Anal Fantasy Elite Remote Controlled Ass Thruster

5 Vibration Modes
Heating Option
Suction cup that hangs well
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FC Fucking Machine
FC Fucking Machine

Vibrator Fucking Machine RC

3 vibration speeds
Remote Controlled
Powerful suction cup!
- 49%
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portable fucking machine
portable fucking machine

Portable Back-and-Comp Vibrator Fucking Machine

3 speeds of madness!
7 Vibration Modes
Good suction cup that holds well!
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Vibrating Air Cushion Inflatable Luv Log

3 handles for a good grip
Multiple vibrations of madness
Dildo with sex-like veined texture!
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you2toys-love-machine (8)

Love Machine: a blazing fucking machine with 6 sex toys provi better than real doll ded

Inclination of the Beast to 90 Degree
5 cruise speeds according to your desires
6 sextoys for all tastes included
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you2toys-big-bang-penetrator (2)
you2toys-big-bang-penetrator (1)

Big Bang Penetrator: an ultra exciting fucking machine

Double penetration possible and recommended!
60 to 150 strokes of madness per minute!
All accessories provided
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sex-machine-like-a-sex-machine (5)

The Fucking Machine Like a Sex Machine: 350 shots per minute!

350 strokes of madness per minute!
2 dildos included!
Easy to install and use
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pipedream-fetish-fantasy-series-international-couples-sex-machine (1)
pipedream-fetish-fantasy-series-international-couples-sex-machine (6)

Fucking machine for couple Festish Fantasies Series

A stand for inserting a smartphone
Two sides: a dildo and the other fleshlight!
3 sex toys included!
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kink banger fucking machine
kink power banger packaging

The Vac-U-Lock Power Banger: the Kink in the middle of lust

Easily adjustable and very stable
195 minutes by this propellant arm!
Tilt at wish
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The Fucking Machine Hismith: My Test and Review

4 pushes per second!
A real sex machine gun!
Easily installable
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The Test of F-Machine Gigolo Fucking Machine

Wireless Remote Control
More than 240 dildo strokes per minute
Rather easy to install

Our guide articles on fucking machines

So, you are intrigued by the idea of getting a fucking machine, or Fuking machine for non-English Francophones, but have a few questions and you don't have the sex simulation answers yet, perfect!


In addition to being excited, you might feel a little intimidated by the number of choices you have and the plethora of features that are thrown to your face without actually taking love anime sex a step back to find the one that suits you or your couple!

But what are the advantages of choosing fucking machines in an ocean of sextoy options? And how do you know which one is best suited to human like dolls your specific needs?

Don't worry!

At the end of this catalog is a guide where you will know everything you need to know about these wonderful devices.

What is a Fucking Machine?

Cock machine, sex machines, the latter tend to be bigger than ordinary adult toys (although some are held by hand like male vagina dolls).

These devices can stroking you, make you vibrate or introduce a good big family dildo to bring you to orgasm by stimulating different sex doll creator parts of your body.

Most types of fucking machines have interchan roxxxy sex robot geable fasteners on which you can add your favorite toys like sex toys in the form of best silicone dolls of different spans, silicone sheaths type Fleshligh aa doll t or vaginette, vibrators, etc...

For this reason, they work both for men and for women, you can add a multitude of toys for adults.

Some are specially designed to sit on them, known as “sybian” sex machines for riding pro. Others offer both vibration and introduction into your soft orifices in other sexual positions.

Although all vagina dolls that possess electronics ar dolls site e technically machines, fuking machines differ real doll maker due to the additional power and movement they offer.

When you use a vibrator, it is you who do go and come. A machine, on the other hand, can do this work for you. This means that you will not get tired as fast and the experience will seem customize sex dolls more realistic to you, as if someone else would give you this pleasure.

Whether it's very powerful sexual experiences or endless resistance, it's easy to understand why these machines are a great success. That's because they of harmony robot fer tons of options.

One feature they all have in common, however, is their high power efficiency.

Keep in mind that these Fuking machines tend to be bigger than traditional sex toys, they are also less discreet. Larger objects are always harder to hide, chinese silicone women after all.

Even still, many satisfied owners of their sex machines think that the extra power is worth this compromise. In addition, there are sex toys specially designed for men that are quite discreet and portable.

The advantages of using a fucking machine

What are the advantages of using such a type of device compared to simply masturbating with hands or having sex with a partner?

Let's see some advantages below:

Getting to know each other sexually

Masturbation allows you to gain an intimate knowledge of what excites you and what makes you happy. Not to mention male sex doll video that it is a healthy habit to have! Evidence here: 1001 Benefits of Masturbation on Doctissimo

Although it is possible to get an orgasm without Fukin machine, having japanese love doll videos a versatile toy with different settings and craziest options opens you a whole new world of pleasures of the most intense and still undiscovered sex robots in use or experienced.

And the best part?

Better sexual knowledge can improve your confidence in yourself. And, as you discover exactly what you like, you will be able to better communicate it to your partner.

Convenience and control of a sex machine

While sex with a partner is great and you can't really replace asian play dolls the human relationship, sometimes you just want to masturbate yoursel sexy dolls japan f in another way without resorting to a sexual partner.

A sex machine gives you the opportunity to do it at any time (and in any way) as you like.

You can control pressure points, speeds, thrust styles and more, depending on the model. It is undeniably conveni sex robot for sale ent to have so much control over your sexual experiences.

Increased relational satisfaction

As I mentioned earlier, when you use sex toys on your own, you will gain a better understanding of what brings yo companion robot for personal interaction u the most pleasure.

Having the ability to communicate these needs to your partner will allow you to establish a stronger connection. And sex machines can be very exciting to watch when your partner uses it, which adds some satisfaction and complicity between you two.

In long-term relationships, the flame of desire can extinguish as you and your spouse get use blonde love dolls d to each other. Introducing one of these products into your couple can revive your passion for each other.

Less Risks

Some people want sexual pleasure but do not have time to for love dolls sex m a relationship. And others simply don't want to take the risks of having a partner.

With a Fucking Machine, you can have a realistic sexual experience without the risk of love grief or contracting lovedoll real STDs. And for women, there is no risk of pregnancy to fear.

Facilitates long-distance relationships

Remote relationships are difficult, as anyone who has already experienced this type of relationship knows already.

But you don't have to miss the opportunity to have fu big boob doll n sexually just because your partner is far away.

With a sex machine, you can have a satisfying and enjoyable experience, even if lifelike sex robots your lover is far from you. You can even play both via the naughtiest inflatable doll sale and existing Skype videos by filming yourself using these devices of absolute fun.

Convenient for Sexually Training

If you don't have much sexual experience, you may want to have the opportunity to train before trying this.

That good for you, I explain:

Fucking Machines offer a more realistic experience than using a simple dildo, as they provide a movement of back and forth. With this type of device, you can close your eyes, let y doll for sale near me ourself go and lose yourself in the most realistic sexual sensations.

This makes it a good option to gain a se doll to dress up xual experience before you depress yourself or to restore confidence in your silicone love dolls self.

The complete purchase guide for your future fucking machine

As with any other purchase, there are a number of factors to consider before buying a fucking machine.

Here are some elements of reflection:

Already to use?

When you are looking for a sex machine, you will soon notice that many models require to assemble it before you can use it. If you like to asse sesy doll mble things, a kit model might be suitable for you.

However, for other people, its construction can be an additional problem. So be silicon lovedoll fore choosing a model, make sure that this is the right model!

Quality of workmanship and materials

When you insert something into your orifices it is better to know if the material is safe to your health: it is important that the equipment is safe.

In general, non-porous materials are best for toys to be inserted. Porous sex toys can easily become a fertile ground for bacteria if you are not sex doll machine meticulously careful.

For the part of the machine that will come into contact with real huge boobs your genitals, choose something non-porous like silicone.

Regarding the rest of the machine, reading user reviews is a sex torso toy good way to get an idea of the build quality.

Sex machines aren't very cheap, so you'll want to read the reports to see how long you can expect yours to last.


Some sex machines come with a piston-shaped device to which you can add flesh doll for sale various accessories, which means you can change it if you want to use something different.

Other options, such as sybians, have a rolling part as an unremovable part w sex fools hen designing them.


If you think you might want a variety of different experiences, be sure to get one that allows for a plurality of vagina dolly options. Simply reading the product description is t anime dolls he best way to find this information.

Engine power and penetration

These machines are available in many different varieties, although each is intended to simulate sex in a particular styl abyss realdoll e. Before choosing a device, look at the depth of penetration it can reach.

You will also want to check whether it vibrates or not and how many adjustment opti sex doll for her ons there are. While some customers may want a machine with tons of varieties, others will be content with a simpler design.

Your budget

Fucking machines are certainly among the most expensive toys you can get. Altho teenage sex for sale ugh there are a few cheaper models available, you will probably make bbw love dolls a considerable investment when you buy yours.


Think about what you are willing to spend. Once you have a price in mind, you will reduce your options for the best machine to buy.

Discretion and storage

Do you prefer to be discreet on your adult toys? Do you have enough room in your closet to store your future fucking machine?

Here are a few questions you need to consider when it comes to protecting your privacy. While some are c japanese lifelike dolls ompact and easy to hide, others are heavier and more remote control sex robot massive.

Another issue to consider is discretion. So read what previous customers say about the noise of the machine. It is very complicated to get an idea about noise throug guys and love dolls h a video.

Refund Policy

When you make a big investment, knowing the company's return policy i adult dolls for sale s a good idea. If your product turns out to be different or defective in one way or another, you will need to know how to get a refund.

How to use a fuking machine for optimal enjoyment

Once you have set up your machine, it will be temptin realistic sex g to switch directly to its use. But there are a few rules to follow to make sure you have the best experience possible:

  • Use abundantly of lubricant:

Whether you're a man or a woman, keeping everything beautiful and slippery is the best way to have a breathtaking experience with your sex machine.

Not only will the use of a large amount of lubricant give you a better feel, it will also provide a protect adult lifelike dolls ive barrier for your sensitive parts.

Without enough lubricant, you risk getting too much friction, which can cause irritation. I tend to prefer water-based lubricants because they are compatible with all sexual toy materials.

  • Have a variety of fasteners:

Many sex machines allow you to exchange various accessories, from Fleshlights to different types of dildos.

To optimize your enjoyment, it is better to have a collection of available options, so you can find what su female sex robots its you best.

I recommend having a few dildos of different sizes or a few different types of male vagina dolls if lumidolls you are a man. And if you like anal pleasure, opt for a smaller insertable accessory that fits your anal orifice.

  • Take your time to get to know the machine:

Some machines are designed to stick to a flat surface such as a table. Before using the device, test for suction or stability to make sure it is robust and the machine can stay in place rubber love doll during your vagina dolly session.

Apart from this, you can get to know the toy by testing make anime doll the speeds, playing with the remote control (if it has one) and seeing how fast s3x simulator it is going.

I especially recommend that you familiarize yourself with your machine if you plan to use it with a partner later.

This way, once you have done it, you will already know how it works and you will hot simulator sex not need to pause in the fire of the action to consult the manual like an ignorant.

  • Find a suitable place to use it:

Find a stable place to use your fucking machine where it will not disconnect or be spilled in the middle of your leg part in the air.

The last thing you want is to be on the brink of orgasm and fall upside down on the ground...

  • Demonstrate imagination:

Owning a sex machine is opening up as many fields as possible to realize your wildest orgasms. They ca sex curvy n be very realistic.

Maybe you have always wanted to try double penetration with your partner. A se realistic japanese sex doll x machine gives you a way to do this, so do not restrain yourself with your imagination! So let her express itself!

  • Use a rubber mat:

If you have a wooden floor or parquet, some sex machines will scold and make noise when they are turned on.

Using a rubber mat or blanket can reduce this impact and hel south korean dolls p you keep your privacy while you enjoy your toy.

Apart from the above tips, show imagination and read the manual to learn how to get the most out of your device.

Important safety tips to mention when using a fucking machine

If you are new to using a sexual machine, you should carefully read the manufacturer's safety information before using it.

Everything you use in such a delicate area of the body should be approached with caution.

Here are some general safety instructions to help you use your new toy in the safest way possible:

  • Buy from a Trusted Source:

The Internet is full of different products and it can be difficult to distinguish quality toys from poor-quality items.

Although it may be tempting to buy the cheapest fucking machine you can find, I especially warn you. The use of a wrong de realistic female love dolls vice can be not only unsatisfactory, but also dangerous in the worst case.

Make sure you buy from a trusted brand with good reviews and reviews. At the end of t online sex emulator free his article, I will cover some key information about some of the leading manufacturers o pregnant dolls f sex machines to point you to this point.

  • Store the machine correctly:

It is important to properly store your device to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Before storing it, check that it is completely dr sex talking robot y.

If you need to store the machine for a while, try to keep it safe from extreme temperatures. As with all electroni silicone doll head c devices, high or low temperatures can cause long-term thai blow up doll malfunction problems.

  • Always disinfect:

You should wash the insertable parts of your sexual machine before and after each use. This will prevent bacteria harmony robot price from accumulating and potentially causing infection.

Most toys can be safely washed with water and mild soap.

The different types of fucking machines

Sex machines exist for a long time, so there are many different models available on the market.


The categories below do not cover all device types, best sexdoll but most devices currently available in 2019 should fall into one of these categories.

Saddle or sybian

sybian roundA saddle-shaped machine is a vibrating device that can be mounted. They usually come with variable vibration speeds and are eq japanese adult doll uipped with a flexible saddle for the comfort of the rider or rider.

Although these types of devices are super powerful and pleasant, they are also very noisy. If you use one on the carpet (rather than on a harder surface), it should be more discreet.

The saddle typically has a dildo attachment with textures designed to stimulate the vagina, clitoris, and sometimes the anal area.

These types of sex machines are usually operated by a remote control. You can use it yourself or let your partner control it and enjoy the view!


Propulsive sex machines, also known as thrusters, provide back-and-forth movements instead my silicone love doll review of vibration. They are available in different sizes and variants, from non-portable to portable.

fuckin round machineThis versatility is one of the main advantages of this type of sexual machine.

While handheld devices are easier to clean, larger machines provide more penetration power, as expected. Standing pushed sex machines can be installed on the floor or on a table.

They tend to be equipped with a rod/lance at its end to which you can attach sextoys.

If you decide to opt for this type of device, be s premium dolls ure to choose the penetration depth that suits your needs.

The strokers

Also known as male vagina dolls, these are male sex toys that have a hollow tube

round launch fleshlightdepends on your preferences.

Designed to stuffing your best silicone dolls in it. The hollow channel usually has special grooves or textures inside designed to provide incredible pleasure.

Stokers are usually small hand toys that are either designed to look like parts of the body (vaginas, mouth or anus) or that have fake male sex toy a non-anatomical design.

The right type of male vagina doll to get

Do you prefer to have a more realistic visual experience when masturbating? real doll discount Or do you prefer the discretion of a non-anatomical design that doesn't look most realistic love doll like a sex toy?

Male vagina dolls tend to be more affordable than other types of sex machines and have the advantage of being portable. They sex simulator for men can be used to replace sex or as a means to increase your sexual endurance like the Fleshlight STU.

The 5 best fucking machine according to different needs

Now that we have reviewed the different types of sex machines available on the market, it's time to consider the best choice sex dolls sale for different needs.

Here are my top 5 choices:

1. The YMMYGI Machine, the most accessible

YMMYGI Fucking Machine

The YMMYGI Fucking Machine uses stainless steel for a durable and elegant design and uses silent slide technology for discretion. It comes with what are sex dolls an adjustable speed (choose between 0 and 250 strokes per minute) and a remote control.

To change the speed, simply turn a dial to find t se x dolls he best setting for your enjoyment. The sex machine has a low profile that works perfectly for missionary and other positions.

This device is small, so it is easy to hide when not in use. You can choose between 1 cm and 12 cm for the depth of penetration. No life like love dolls tools are needed to change the setting.

The YMMYGI fucking Machine can be used by both men and females. It comes with optional accessories.

2. The Best Sybian — The Premium Cowgirl

Premium Cowgirl

The Cowgirl Premium Remote and App Controlled Riding Machine comes with multiple vibration models and 360 degree swivel function. It is equipped with two silicone fa life size anatomically correct dolls steners to choose from, as well as a non- life size woman slip base.

The padded seat makes the Cowgirl Premium comfortable and comfortable. The machine comes with a multi-function LED remote control on a cord. Or you can co real love doll nnect the device to the Cowgirl app to play wirelessly.

You can connect the machine to your partner's device and interact in real time. The Premium Cowgirl has 6 vibration models and different speeds to choose from.

3. Sex Machine Gigolo

sex machine gigoloThe Gigolo Sex Machine is a wire-controlled device with a realistic silicone doll realistic and soft dildo included. It uses a high-power motor to provide strong and breathtaking thrust.

You can adjust the angle to hit your point dolls like her s perfectly and the machine is easy to assemble, use and disassemble for storage. The rods of this device are sturdy and mad bbw sex toys e of solid steel.

The machine itself is heavy enough to stay in place, but using flat chested sex dolls it on the carpet is better for grip. The Hismith Premium Sex Mac best love dolls hine comes in discreet packaging to avoid any discomfor simulator de sex t.

The motor of the Gigolo Sex Machine is sturdy and reliable, while the included dildo material is of high quality and safe for the body.

Keep in mind:

You can adjust the depth of thrust on the device for different sensati make your own love doll ons, but starting with an average depth is the best solution.

4. Best high-end model — Sex Machine Fuck Machine Pro 3

Sex Fuck Machine

If you want to invest in a high-end sex machine, sex androids look no further. The Sex Machine Fuck Machi realdoll body 4 ne 3 is a high-tech device with a massive thrust depth (12 inches).

The device is also available in two other models: a double-penetration version and a 12 cm version. Note that when your s realistic blow up doll ex machine Fuck machine 3 arrives in the mail, yo sex family simulator u will need to assemble it before you can use it.

Unlike many other sex machines, the fucking machine also offers vibrations with thrust movements.

This device allows you to program custom patterns using the included app. Or you can use it hands-free for a more real experience.


The Sex Machine Fuck Machine 3 comes with a remote control that you can use to deepen penetration for an exciting and v clear sex doll aried experience. Program it for deep blows, short jerky movements, or somewhere in between.

It is important to note that this machine does not make nois inflatable doll sex toy e, so it is very discreet as an adult sextoy of the most unus doll for adults ual!

However, most people will find that powerful functions and versatility are worth testing!

5. Best Men's Stroker Machine — The Fleshl real doll sex toys ight Launch

Implementation of the fleshlight launchAn essential item for any man who wants to be able to have fun at all times, a silicone male sex dolls male vagina doll that should be part of your adult male sex dolls sex toy collection.

Fleshlight creates very high-end male masturbat sexx doll ors. This model is currently ranked as our real doll for cheap best male sex toy of the year!

Launch, as well as all Kiiroo & Fleshlight toys are very high tech.

But if you are looking for a machine with many functions, the Fleshlight launch is highly recommended. I myself did a t free 3d sex sim est of the Fleshlight launch here.

Where can I buy a fucking machine?

Directly on our shop

Browse our catalog and let yourself be tempted by one of these sex mac real companion robot hines!

Elsewhere on the Internet

The Internet is so full of brands and products that even a simple Google search on which machine to buy can be overwhelming.

To make your life easier, I have compiled some of the best on realdolls videos line resources for buying a sex machine.

Ready or ready to raise your sexuality a notch?

  • Sex machines can spice up your masturbation half sex doll routine and relationship.
  • This is a good way to get a more realistic sexual experience from your adult toy.

I hope this article helped you make your choice.

Do not forget to use a lot of lubricant and have fun!

Male vagina doll
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