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Top 18 Best vagina dolls for Men in 2022

Find the best male vagina doll for your different needs: whether it's a realistic, automatic, tight vagina doll, the most discreet or the best vibrating vagina doll on the market. It's all here, follow the guide:
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The advancement of technology has given us the holy grail of male vagina dolls, one of the best ways to burst solo as a man.

The only problem is that there is so much choice, how to know which male vagina doll is best for you, which one suits you best?

Well, here at home, we did work for you so that you don't have to do it.


I have sifted a whole bunch of vagina dolls, I also asked a few experts in Fleshlights, and the latest innovations.

Not to mention the hours spent testing them on my own! (Ok, this part was as much for me as for you...)

And in the end, I found the 18 best male vagina dolls you can buy in 2022. There should be something for everyone on this list. And for the best of the best.

Here is a quick overview of my Top 3:

The best automatic vagina doll:

If you are a modern gentleman and love tech, the Kiiroo Onyx vagina doll is probably your best option. This is an automatic vagina doll that jerks you off either without using your hands, or manually or synchronizing with your favorite porn, even with VR porn! A real immersive experience!

The best realistic vagina doll:

If you are looking for a realistic vaginette, buy the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya. It is a discreet vagina doll equipped with a tight, skin-like vaginal orifice, intense inner textures and adjustable tightening and sucking functions, all at a very affordable price for the quality offered and for the orgasms provided.

The best fellation vagina doll:

If you are looking for an automatic vagina doll that mimics the sensations of a fellation, the Alex Neo Svakom is worth trying. It features an integrated AI motor that provides a different feel every time, as well as a silicone mouth sleeve, ribbed texture that give the impression of a real mouth and it is connectable with its feel technology application. Load it on any wall outlet to experience endless pipe effect adventures.

Top 3 Best vagina dolls for Men

Best Automatic vagina doll Best Realistic vagina doll Best Fellation vagina doll
Kiiroo Onyx vagina doll vagin-artificial-stoya-destroya Alex Neo Svakom Automatic vagina doll
Kiiroo Onyx vagina doll Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Neo Svakom vagina doll
Insertable Length 16.5 cm 22 cm 15.2 cm
Type Vaginal Vaginal Mouth
Abs Soft Touch


Abs and Silicone
See Kiiroo Onyx See the Stoya Destroya See the Neo Svakom

Fleshlight vagina doll

fleslight logo

The best known of all brands of men's vagina dolls, Fleshlight mainly manufactures sex toys that mimic the appearance of vaginas, buttocks, mouths, etc.

All Fleshlights vagina dolls manufactured are incredibly soft and most feature complex textures and adjustable suction.


PORT TYPE: Vagina, mouth and anus

MATERIAL: Cyberskin

Since its release in 2008, the Fleshlight STU has always been a favorite among new users and veterans of Fleshlight.


Be aware that STU is always perfect for users who want to last longer in bed.


You can choose from three different orifices. However, there is no difference in texture between them, just the beginnin realistic male dolls g of large soft bumps.


Yes, the STU doesn't have the crazy textures that many Fleshlight Girls offer today. But the uniform massage bumps + clamping work together to give you consistent, intense sensations.


After all, it is specifically designed to overstimulate your best silicone dolls.


When I tried it the first time, I enjoyed in 3 minutes (and that's not little to say).


You need to get used to these sensations while delaying your ejaculation in order to increase your sexual endurance.


Of course, this does not magically cure premature ejaculation. But with constant practice, you will surely do it, buddy!


If you want to know more details about the Fleshlight STU, we wrote its test here.

The Original Pink Lady


PORT TYPE: Vagina, mouth and anus

MATERIAL: Cyberskin

The Pink Lady is a good Fleshlight for newcomers as an introduction to the world of male vagina dolls.

The smooth texture of the tunnel is actually one of the most realistic among the Fleshlights.


The Pink Lady can be boring in the long run because of its uniform texture without relief, however it is perfect if you don't want to enjoy quickly while indulging yourself!


It is cheaper than the Fleshlight Girls too, and much easier to clean.


Here are the different reasons why the Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is still relevant 20 years later.

The Stoya Destroya



MATERIAL: Cyberskin

A legend among the Fleshlights, the Stoya Destroya has fleshy and soft “teeth” that massage and rub you from all angles at once.


If we add to this its tightness, one of the most intense vagina dolls for men is obtained.


Suction is good too, thanks to the tunnel more open in the second half of the sleeve.

The first half is the place of action, which is good news if you have a medium-sized best silicone dolls (about 12.5cm).


If you are wider than most people, say more than 2.5 cm in circumference, the Stoya Destroya might be too tight for you.


But for all the others, it's a hell of an adventure.


Want to know more about Stoya Destroya? Check out our detailed review here.



MATERIAL: Cyberskin

If you like the look of the Destroya but don't want something as extreme and intense, try this vagina doll!


Riley Reid's Utopia has a design similar to the Destroya but with less pronounced bumps and ridges.


This is an excellent design — it is a well-adjusted balance between the smoothness of the glide and the bumps shaking. It is a fantastic sensation, without falling into excess.


Pro Advice:

You might think that vagina dolls with the most intense textures are always better, but this is not the case.

Sometimes you may want something less intense to be able to enjoy yourself during a longer vagina dolly session, instead of enjoying in the first five minutes. Taking your time and foot at the same time is good!

Of course, Utopia can also make you enjoy quickly if that's what you want. The best thing about this vagina doll is that it can suit all your pleasures.


Due to all the nodes and ribs in its between, Utopia may take some time to dry properly. But male sexdoll this makes its use an even more special occasion!


Want to know more? Read our detailed article here.


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


The full-sized Fleshlights are great, but they're also big, bulky and a little eye-catching.

If all this seems to you to be problematic, take a Quickshot instead.


For half the price of an ordinary Fleshlight, you get a 3" channel of pure pleasure.

Its open and transparent design makes it the best choice for couples or solo, who want to feel a pipe and fellation feel while seeing what's going on th sex inflatable dolls anks to its transparency.


Can the Quickshot compete with a full-sized Fleshl sex doll robots ight?


No, not really. It does not have the same feeling of penetration. You can't completely insert your sex in it like with a real woman. However, it is so easy to clean, dry and store.


So whether you want a small, discreet vagina doll that gives the feeling of having a good pipe, that's the one you need.


If you want to know more about the Quickshot, we offer you a detailed article here.

Alexis Texas Outlaw


PORT TYPE: Vagina and anus


The Outlaw is a great classic, like the Destroya or Utopia, which have existed for more than 5 years now!


This is one of the best-selling vagina dolls, both for beginners and for experienced users, and it is easy to understand why.


The Outlaw is a bit hypnotic just like Alexis Texas's gluteus.


It attracts you with undulating waves and a hypnotic tight knot that looks like a secondary entrance.


You want to start penetrating it gently, but it hangs on you by pushing you faster and faster to BOOM. Yo sexdoll wife u enjoyed in an explosion of ecstasy.


Due to all the mini rooms, the Outlaw can be a bit difficult to clean thoroughly — it is better to turn it over and rinse it properly with a sex toy cleaner.


But a little extra cleaning is a small price to pay for the wonders you are going to experience.


I've already reviewed the Outlaw, so if you are interested and want to know all the details, read this.




The Deep Pussy Grip can compete with the vagina dolls of the most popular on the market. And this is the best Fleshlight alternative you can find.


Its general form is quite similar. It has the same removable inner section. They both have a vacuum screw cap that you can adjust for “sucking”.


The inner texture of the Deep Pussy Grip also reminiscent of the Fleshlight STU with its multiple rounded bumps that are very stimulating when pushing in and out.



I LOVE the feeling of skin suppleness, tightness and tight bumps walls that match (or even exceed) my favorite vagina dolls.


If you want to buy it, check out its product sheet here.

real size doll vagina doll

real size doll logo

Another big name for male sex toys, real size doll is a Japanese company that prides itself on making stunning and surprisingly innovative real size doll vagina dolls that don't even look like sex toys for men.


The real size doll Flip Hole


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


The importance of cleaning vagina dolls for men is often neglected.


This is not something that most men think about when shopping, but if one vagina doll is much easier to clean than another, it's not nothing.


The real size doll Flip Hole is excellent in large part because it is very easy to wash and dry.


Just open, rinse and let it dry. Awesome.


Oh yeah, and he's fantastic.


He doesn't look like a sex toy I could have.


Rather, it is a space age fun device designed to make you enjoy with maximum efficiency.


There are four variants of the Flip Hole — white, silver, red and black — all of which vary in terms of stimulation, suction and texture. For example, black is the most stimulating but has the weakest suction.


Since it is smaller than a Fleshlight, it may not be the best choice for men with large best silicone dolls, but for all others it is a val aex robot id competitor.


Want to know more? Read our in-depth review here.

The real size doll Flip Zero


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


real size doll managed to condense four completely different sensations in a channel 15 cm long.

And put it in an easy-to-clean housing that works like female love dolls its own dryer.


AND they gave him the best suction I've ever seen on a manual toy.


It's crazy. How?


The incredible complexity of the interior real doll deepthroat makes you want to go gently and feel every microscopic detail of the texture, but the suction wants to attract you and not let go again.


AND you can press the pressure cushions on either side to increase the internal vacuum.


The locking mechanism is a bit complicated when you try to open and close it, but this is the only negative thing I can say about this vagina doll.


If you want to know more about the real size doll Flip Zero, you can find an in-depth analysis here.

The real size doll Egg


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


Remove the film, open the egg and inside you will find a super soft and stretchy plastic vagina doll.



Each of them is only 5 cm long, but they stretch comfortably up to about 15 cm. You can stretch them even more, but they are fragile and will tear quite easily if you do.



So why is the Egg Pack the best cheap real size doll toy?



It's simple, you get 6 experiences for the price of one.



Each egg has a very different geometric design that offers new and intriguing sensations.


So if the Boxy doesn't suit you, maybe the Sphere will.


All for a really affordable low price. It's definitely worth a try.



NOTE: real size doll indicates that eggs are designed to be disposable, but you can wash them and continue to use one for about a month without problems.

Just be sure to use a lot of water-based lubricant and do not be too brutal.

The real size doll Spinner


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


Just look at the real size doll Spinner for a minute.


You never guessed it was a vagina doll, right?


So we understood that this is an excellent stealth toy that you can hide easily.

But what are its performance?


Well, thanks to the internal structure, it twists when it goes up and down. A whole new dimension of pleasure!


The twist changes even depending on how you hold it.


Once you're done, simply rinse it and place it in the built-in drying stand that accompanies the case.


In addition, the Spinner and its real size doll range are at low prices!


By the way, if you want to start acquiring a Spinner, check out our article.

The real size doll Flip Orb


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


The Flip Orb looks a lot like the Flip Hole but with a small difference.


They added plastic balls under the soft TPE sleeve for an extra feel.

The nodules massage and rub against your rod when pushing, adding another dimension to the feel.


It is just as easy to clean as the Flip Hole and also has pressure pads on the outside to increase the feeling of tight sucking wherever you want.


The Flip Orb comes in two styles: Orange Crash, which is a little bumper and steeper, and Blue Rush, w free 3d sex sim hich is more wavy and undulating. Both are excellent.

Automatic vagina doll


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


BACK AND FORTH SPEED: Up to 140 strokes/minute

Onyx does not work like all automatic vagina dolls.


It has 10 moving rings that contract and relax instead of moving up and down.

The Onyx is one of the few automatic vagina dolls I would consider taking on a trip because it is very light and discreet.


The sensation is similar to that of a hand (or vagina) that grabs and then release your tail, and it's even better if you get it up and down yourself.


It features several different modes, including manual mode — stroking the side of the device to control ring contractions — and interactive synchronization with pornographic scripts, VR or compatible webcam sites.


Would you like to know more? Read our detailed article here.


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


BACK AND FORTH SPEED: Up to 230 strokes/minute

Kiiroo Keon is like the future of masturbation on your doorstep.

The amount of technology it contains is breathtaking.


You fix the vagina doll, add lubricant, enter inside and let the machine stroke you up to 230 strokes per minute. But it doesn't end there.


The Keon features FeelTechnology technology, which means it can connect to other Kiiroo devices, sync with 2D, 3D and VR porn to pet you according to what you see, and even work via video calls with your partner.


The vagina dolls sold by Kiiroo are of high quality, but if you already have a battery of F tpe puppen leshlights, you can actually put the FL sleeves in the Kii sex doll price roo vagina doll case and use them with the Keon.


It can be difficult to hold it during the pangs of passion and especially if your hands are covered with lubricant, so it is better to have a towel at hand.


But apart from this very minor criticism, the Keon is an almost perfect automatic vagina doll.

If you want to know more about the Keon, you can read our detailed article here.


PORT TYPE: Unidentified


BACK AND FORTH SPEED: Up to 230 strokes/minute

The Neo Svakom is a premium automatic vagina doll but remains accessible compared to its other competitors.


You'll still enjoy more than 5 erotic scenarios and 7 different back-and-forth modes from a single powerful device using its easy-to-use two-button controls.


In addition, its memory allows him to remember your last favorite setting.


It offers you intense and crazy suctions. Personally, even despite my experience, I could only hold 5 minutes watch in hand with this automatic vagina doll.


You can even take it in the shower, because it is waterproof.

Realistic vagina doll

Realistic vagina dolls usually have a high level of realism and are reasonably priced asian best sex .

The Rose Boundless Vulva




Fleshlight and real size doll are leading the men's vagina dolls platoon. But have you ever wondered what it would give if you combined the two?


Enter the Rose Boundless Vulva.


From the outside, it looks like a real size doll Cup. But if you turn the cup, a vaginal orifice as soft as real skin welcomes you (think Fleshlight).


Insert your lubricated best silicone dolls inside, and you will feel all these crazy textures work your rod. Press the cup to adjust the tightness. OR cover the air hole at the top with a finger to control the suction.


Once you are done, remove the sleeve from the case. Rinse it with warm water and soap. IT'S DONE!

With the cheap price and some of the best features of Fleshlight and real size doll, this vagina doll is perfect for guys who like to have a realistic relationship with their vagina doll.


Check out our article on it!




When you enter its vaginal hole, you will feel a tight opening. Once this opening is crossed, you will be gree men dolls ted by large swollen buttons that will massage your best silicone dolls relentlessly.


The anal hole looks like a real — it's very narrow, there are not so many bumps, but there are those ridges and swir men having sex with dolls ling angles that are perfect.


It is solid (it weighs 2.5 kg), which allows vigorous penetration. It will not swing when you push hard and quickly.


The PDX+ gluteal is made of porous material. It has the advantage of realistic softness, but needs to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid potential infections.


And even in this case, you can not sterilize it.


Check out our review about it.

The Pussy Double Stroker PDX+




Realistic PDX+ vaginettes generally strive to be likely and tight, and double pussy Stroker is no exception.



This is a smaller vagina doll, with an insertion length of only 15 cm, which is to be taken into account if you are well off when it comes to best silicone dolls.



The Pussy Double Stroker has a narrow internal channel, whether for the anus or vagina part, with crevices and crevices of natural appearance as in reality.



A very very good! If you want to see it sey doll in more detail, it is here.

Buying Guide: What it absolutely takes to find the best mas doll love doll turbator that suits you

Type “best vagina doll” or simply “vagina doll” in Google and you get about 75 MILLION results.


That makes a lot of false vaginas. It can be hard to know what to look for, so here are the most important things to remember:


The size of your best silicone dolls is important

Not all vagina dolls are equal and there is no average size for ma realdoll 2020 le vagina dolls.


So choose a size that suits YOUR erect best silicone dolls — neither too tight nor too loose.


Measure the circumference/diameter and length of your best silicone dolls in full erection.

Use them as a basis for buying your vagina doll.


It is useless (not to mention the waste of your money) to choose a super tight mastu sex dollfie rbator for your best silicone dolls.


Its intensity

You might think that “more intense” automatically makes a vagina doll better, but this is often not the case.


Some guys like maximum stimulation, but for others it can be almost painful to have so much intensity.


Ask yourself the following question: “What is the sensitivity of my skin at the bottom?”


If you do not know, test the waters with a cheap sleeve before switching to something higher quality.


Its durability

How long will this vagina doll last?


As a rule, silicone lasts longer than soft plastic. But it is expensive and does not pr china doll nude photos ovide the same sensations, which is why it is more often used in vibrating toys.


Soft plastics like TPE and SuperSkin are in teen looking for sex credibly soft and pleasant to the touch, but they are porous. This means that microbes can enter and b love doll sex toy egin to multiply.


So, unfortunately, no flexible plastic Fleshlight or real size doll wil sex doll torsos l last forever.


Good quality, if cleaned and maintained properly, could last you a few years though.


Its features

What do you want him to do?


Nowadays, most vagina dolls have internal textures that sexdoll sex allow you to live different experiences.


Many have a kind of sucking built into the toy.

Some have slots for vibrators or built-in vibrations.


So, really, you can find a vagina doll that does everything you want it to do.


vagina doll FAQ: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions



How to use the best vagina doll?


If you masturbate (of course you do), you can use a vagina doll without any additional learning curve.


Insert it on your best silicone dolls, bring it up and down, and enjoy — like masturbation, but replace your hand with your male sex toy.


Of course, the fun does not end there. You can also try different positions with your vagina doll.


For example, lie on your back, on your stomach and pump as in the missionary style, or do what suits you best.


And, oh! The lubricant is not negotiable. It makes the glide really pleasant and prevents your best silicone dolls from undergoing unpleasant friction.


Just be sure to always use a water-based lubricant, especially for silicone toys. No silicone lubricant on silicone vagina dolls, please.


Finally, it is always important to read the manufacturer's instructions on what you can (and can not) do on the toy.


For example, some vagina dolls may be soaked in hot water to achieve a more realistic temperature, similar to that of a human being.


Can I use cats for masturbation if I have erectile dysfunction or La Peyronie's disease?




Erectile dysfunction (ED) is called when a person has difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection.


Peyronie's disease (PM) is a rare form of erectile dysfunction in which the best silicone dolls is curved, full body silicones for sale which can (but not for everyone) make the erection painful.


vagina dolls are compatible with ED and MP, provided one compatible is used. Some of the features to look for include an open design or a hinge to insert the best silicone dolls when it is flabby.


It is also useful to speak with your doctor for advice on using a PP and whether it is compatible with your needs.


How to clean and maintain a pocket pussy?


First of all, you should use only water-based lubricant with any soft plastic toy. Oil and silicone damage the minerals of plastic and decompose it faster.


To clean a soft plastic vagina doll, rinse it with water, then rub all corners and crevices.


Unfortunately, you can not just use soap.


Get a sex toy cleaner like Fleshwash, or use a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution to rinse your toy safely.


What is the best way to keep a vagina doll for a long time?


Store them in a cabinet or other dark, dry place where there is not too much dust.


It's a good idea to wrap your vagina doll in a replacement cloth or towel. This makes it easier to keep dust and moisture sexing tits away and hide it more easily.


A plastic bag also works, but it can retain moisture and heat, which is not very good.


Are there any dangers in using a vagina doll?


As long as you keep your vagina doll clean and dry, you should not get any infections.


Apart from that, the only real risk is that someone who lives with you will find him and does not like what he finds!


If it's a danger to you, better keep it hidden. The sock drawer is good, as long as you do your real doll man own laundry.



There are so many options and features for male vagina dolls that if you still use sweet asian dolls only your hand to masturbate, you miss something.
Buy one today and join the community!



Male vagina doll
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