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The complete guide to Sex Dolls in France

I think we all agree that almost everyone deserves love and company. Unfortunately, this is not alway realdoll 2021 s possible.

I helped many people suffering from trauma or other personal problems who could not find l young looking sex ove in the traditional way. I recommended sex dolls, sex dolls in English to many Internet users. They allow you to have a young and beautiful companion with whom you can make love japanese real doll price whenever you want and wherever you want.

So I decided to create this ultimate guide to the best sex dolls for men. It includes everything you need to know about choosing, buying, using and caring for your future sex doll.

But first of all, what is a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls, also known as love or sex dolls, are essentially artificial silicone mannequins made to provide company and sexual pleasure. They are made to look like men and tpr material price women in almost all respects.

The highest quality dolls are really amazing as you can see in the picture lifesize realistic dolls below:

sex doll-lisa

The Sex Doll Lisa, of her real name, available at Espace-Plaisir.

These creations, or work of art are ultra realistic, everything is there srsd dolls up to the shape of the nails and the softness of the nipples. You can get a sex doll in a wide range of ethnicities, sizes, genres used real doll for sale , and even some models designed to look like elves or vampires.

Your imagination (and budget) are the only limits when it comes to Sex doll.

Where to find Sex Dolls in France?

Discover our new exclusive catalogue of ultra-realistic dolls that will satisfy all your fantasies:

See sex dolls

See all sex dolls

Pleasure Space
Pleasure Space
The most choice!
  • 30+ Sex Dolls to Choose
  • High quality of manufacture
  • Ultra real and these sex dolls can be heated!
Dorcel Store
Dorcel Store
For all tastes
  • Different types of sex dolls (round, ethnicity...)
  • True attention to detail
  • A good guarantee
The price for lack of quality
  • A large number of choices of sex dolls
  • Small prices in the marketplace of Jeff Bezos
  • A Quite Crazy Variety

Selection of the best Sex Dolls on the net!

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sexdoll carmen
sexdoll carmen

Carmen: the brown sexdoll with massive breasts

3 soft openings
USB Heating Wand
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jacky sex doll
jacky sex doll

Jacky: the Asian Typed Sex Doll

USB heated wand
Asian Typical
Ultra soft skin
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kitty sex doll
kitty sex doll

Kitty: Scarlett Johnson's sulphurous blonde doll

Breathtaking Realism
3 soft openings
The look-up of the actress Scarlett
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pipedream-extreme-toyz-ultimate-fantasy-dolls-mia (4)
pipedream-extreme-toyz-ultimate-fantasy-dolls-mia (1)

Mia: the realistic LAMDBA doll

Totally articulated
Mia has a little weight!
Ultra realistic!
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yasmine sex doll
yasmine sex doll

Yasmine: ultra realistic sex doll

Totally articulated
3 tightly tightened holes
USB Heating Wand!
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The Mandy Sex Doll

Lusy Lips
Plantable and removable
3 penetrable orifices
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Sex Doll Sam: The Doll with Infinite Legs

3 penetrable orifices
Standing alone
Ability to change one's sex
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sex doll-lisa

Lisa the submissive doll that never says no

Firm big boobs
Removable and posable
Warmer Wand
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Sex Doll Jane: the Innocent Curious

Easily dressable
Well bounced silicone buttocks
Breathtaking Anus
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Sex Doll Barbara: the crazy French Cancan

Realistic vagina
Beautiful blonde mane
Heating via USB
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Cindy: the adventurous sex doll

You can move it easily
Huge breasts
Very soft texture
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The sex doll Donna: the capricious

Impressive facial details
Sophisticated hair
Charming curves
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The realistic Katja doll: a true green tiger

A striking realism
Spectacular Curves
Beautiful siliconized buttocks
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Doll Jessica sex: she loves the beach but expensive sex dolls not that...

Good quality hazelnut eyes
A real little rebel
Crazy curves
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Realistic doll Pamela: the serious fake ready for anything!

Perfect Boobs
High quality workmanship
Green eyes that puncture the soul

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The complete guide to your sex doll:

Why buy a sex doll?

There are many reasons why people buy sex dolls. For the most part, it is a combination of loneline sex with sex dolls ss and curiosity. They want to experience physical and emotional intimacy, but find it difficult to connect with real people.

The stereotype of the rich and fat old pervert with a closet full of sex dolls could not be further from the adults dolls truth.

Many people who buy sex dolls have suffered trauma or suffer from some form of anxiety. So true companion doll it is very difficult for them to go out and establish a relationship humanoid sex robot with a partner.

A sex doll allows people to live intimacy and sex without all the pressure that comes from being with another person.

They can also be an amazing gift for people with mental or physical disabilities.

It is extremely difficult for people with certain real doll sex conditions to go out or even meet people. In many cases, a sex doll real looking dolls is the only chance they have to achieve physical intimac japanese silicone sex dolls y. This is not the whole market, of course.

Some people just appreciate their crazy realism and sexy. Or they want to live a fantasy that is not poss love doll sex video ible with “real” people.

The possibility of having a male or female Sex Doll is a major asset.

Materials and design

Sex dolls are one of the most complex sex products on the market today. They use precision mechanics to create the most realistic replica of the human body possible.

Two main materials are used to achieve this:

  • Silicone
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Silicone is harder and more heat resistant than TPE, but it is also not as soft. It is always incredibly realistic and has it swx dolls s own advantages. You can even take a hot bath with a silicone sex doll. The TPE does not allow this. Silicone is also a little more durable and easier to cl lifelike adult sex dolls ean. TPE is more absorbent and can develop problems if it is not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly. You should make sure that you receive platinum drying silicone if possible. This man using sex doll makes the finished product a lot, much softer and easier to touch.

An important point to keep in mind is that silicone is a littl japanese love doll videos e stiffer than TPE.

A TPE doll will have that undulating and stirring touch in her breasts and buttocks that you c black dolls magazine an't get with a silicone doll. One of the main advantages of TPE is its affordable price.

It is unlikely that you will find a full-size silicon real men dolls e love doll for less than several thousand dollars. T dsex toys PE is also noticeably softer and closer to the fl life size adult doll esh.

But do not worry, if you are at your first doll, you probably won't be able to make a difference.

Height and weight

These factors are very important!

The size of a sex doll affects both its price and how you can use it. Normal size dolls over 1.50 m tall are much heavier than smaller dolls. Most life size rubber doll dolls of this size weigh more than 20 kilos.

Can you easily take and position a 1m80 human woman?

Otherwise, you should consider getting yourself a smaller sex doll. Size is not the only thing that affects the weight of a d real life man doll oll. Full-body dolls will always be heavier than partial body or torso dolls. Arms and legs are heavy. Many men find the solid silicone dolls experience equally stimulating without them.

Be sure to consider storing your doll as realistic silicone love dolls well. A full-size sex doll takes up as much space as a person.

Most manufacturers recommend hanging your doll duri companion dolls ng long-term storage. This prevents the material from deforming or sagging due to constant pressure.

Are you ready to devote a whole closet to hanging your sex doll?

Functionality and appearance

The way you want to play with your love doll is another thi lovedoll video ng to consider. Almost all dolls allow vaginal and oral sex, but do you want more than that? You have to d sex with doll video ecide how many ways you want to play with your doll: It ranges from the anatomically correct anus, to the feet, to the jerks, to the bouncing breasts, to a lying ass.

Depending on what you are willing to spend, you can get some or all of these features. Also do not forget not to limit yourself to details.

  • The face of a realistic sex doll What kind of expression do you want on her face?
  • What color should his eyes be?
  • You can get your doll with just about any eye color.
  • You can even get a really exotic look with something like heterochromy or cat eyes.
  • Do you want her to have a special body shape?

Many people are surprised to find out that most sex dolls do not look like twentie-year-old girls in perfec robot sex story t physical condition. One of the most seduc love doll silikon tive aspects of sex dolls is their realism.

Buyers appreciate the fact that they can include real characteristics in their dolls: A chubby and leaning sex female love dolls doll If you want a chubby girl with a big ass, it is quite possible.

Your imagination is the limit.

How old do you want her to be?

These are all important questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

Its price

Sex dolls are not given!

Entry-level mini dolls cost at least several hundred, while high-end models with full customization can cost thousands of euros. Buying a sex doll is not like buying other sex toy real doll blowjob s. It's a commitment. You have to be really su male dolls re you want this and you need to do your research.

Depending on the characteristics and size of your love doll, you s sex doll purchase hould expect to pay a premium.

Different types of sex dolls:

There are honestly too many types of sex dolls to describe them here in a complete way. I chose some of the most popu artificial tools for intercourse lar types to talk about it.

Realistic Sex Dolls

These are the best sex dolls money can buy.

They are usually handcrafted and have all the features of high quality craftsmanship.

Manufacturers of luxury sex dolls use only the best materials and pay special attention to every detail. Most luxury sex dolls are normal size and even come w silicone and plastic difference ith outfits that you can put on it. Many of them have three usable holes as well as real doll anal fully articulated and posable limbs.

Their skin will be incredibly soft, and their eyes will stark at you with nostalgia at every look.

You can choose a fully customized doll or get one that looks perfectly like every i posable sex dolls nch of your favorite adult actors and actresses. Depending on your budget, you can even make one that sexsmulator looks like a real person.

I talked to people who had their partner do one, with his p 3d sex simulation free ermission, so that they could be intimate even when they were separated. These are the best of the best, but you bet love dolls for sell ter be prepared to spend a substantial budget on them.

Exotic Sex Dolls

Many people who buy sex dolls are looking for a partner they can not have in real life. For a lot of guys, it's like wanting someone who is not the girl next door.

If you've always dreamed of having a sexy Japanese girl love big boobs friend but live in a small town in Iowa, a beautiful submissive Japanese sex do real doll dolls ll could be a dream come true.

If you are only looking for the complexion of your skin, most sex dolls are available in a wide range of tones.

You can also get a love doll with incredibly realistic characteristics of ethnic groups, bbw online sex including:

  • japanese
  • Latina
  • African
  • Scandinavian
  • Chinese

Some even go further.

In real life, it is impossible to love a beautiful elf warrior, but with a sex doll this dream can come true.

The use of a sex doll

So you chose the doll you want and it was finally delivered, what now?


It can be tempting to get into it right away, but there are some things you need to do before you start:

First of all, be sure to carefully inspect your new doll to detect any possible damage. Sex doll hentai sex toy s are a high-end product, but errors or damage to delivery can still occur. You absolutely have to find any damage before playing with the doll, as mo sex toys doll st stores do not accept returns once the doll has been used.

Once you are sure it is in perfect condition, you need to clean it thoroughly before playing.

Better to prevent than cure.


Many people who buy sex dolls are looking for much more real like sex dolls than something to make love. The first time with your new companion sho real doll us uld be special. Light candles, dress her in a sexy outfit and make her spend a good evening. Once you ar adult size dolls e ready to have fun, you need to follow a few basic steps:

Start by warming up the doll. Nothing breaks the illusion like the cold feeling of TPE or silicone.

The best way to achieve this is to place a heating blanket on your doll. Let it st real doll sex toys and underneath for at least 15-20 minutes. Once it is heated blow up doll warmed up and ready to go, you need to lubricate it c vagina doll arefully. Use only water-based lubricants with your love doll. Silicone and oil based lubricants will damage the ultra-soft surface over time lovable dolls , which you really don't want.

Once it's done, you're ready to really get into it.

The different sexual positions to practice!

Depending on the type of doll you have chosen, you will have different options of positions. With a fully realistic doll, you c sex doll in use an do any positions you would try with a real person. One of the most popular options is the position of the doggystyle. High-quality sex dolls have an incredible life like buttocks.

They bounce, jiggle and feel incredibly good when you get inside them. In the same vein, you should definitely try to lay them against a wall. Standing sex is a real treat and sex dolls can the best loved doll stay there as long as you like.

If you prefer to make love tenderly, you can put them in a missionary or spoon position.

Remember that a sex doll has more than holes to play. You can grope their breasts, squeeze their luscious buttocks or even kiss them.

And the BDSM?

You can tie your doll in all sorts of perverse positions, although I do not recommend boy sex dolls you to try the impact game. This is unlikely, but you can damage the soft skin of your doll with a frill or strap.

Cleaning and maintenance of your sex doll:

Once the party is over for the night, you still have a little work in front of you. Sex dolls are an investment, and you need to treat the realistic silicone love dolls m as such.

If you have a doll with removable holes, cleaning is much, much easier. Just take the sleeve out of their vagina, mouth or ass and rinse it with warm water. You should silicone male sex dolls also use a licensed cleaner regularly to properly disinfect it.

Dolls with non-removable holes are a little harder to clean.

The best thing to get is a small bulb syringe or shower. This will allow you to rinse the inside of your doll without any problems. Start with hot water, then use a solution of soap and water for a life size doll sanitation.

Another thing to keep in mind is the rest of your doll's body.

It is recommended to regularly wash the wig and the clothes with which you put it.

Written by marco
Hi, it's marco. I ordered my first Fleshlight two years ago and since then I can swx robots 't do without it. I even make it the collection today! After a period of intense frustration, I found as who would say the “good co japanese realistic sex dolls mpromise “between the hand job (boring by repeating) and the escorts (too expensive). The sens full size silicone doll ations are not the craziest but the final orgasm is just 10 times better than with the hand...

Male vagina doll
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