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Guide to the most interesting self-timer gels on the market 2021

The main function of self-timer gels is to delay ejaculation by reducing the hypersensitivity of the rod during sexual intercourse, which can be a miracle cure for men small flat chested who suffer from early ejaculations or simply want to gain stamina for amaze their partner. There is a wide variety of them, but I have selected for you those who, in my experience, are the most interesting on the market.

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Retardant Gel Stimulating Lasts
Retardant Gel Stimulating Lasts
The self-timer par excellence
  • Delays ejaculation well
  • Pleasure tenfold
  • Surprising disinhibitory effect
Dice 12€
Pau Yuen Tong Retardant Balm
Pau Yuen Tong Retardant Balm
Chinese medicine has good!
  • Very powerful effects
  • Easy to carry and discreet
  • stronger and intense erection
Dice 16€
Mojito Speeding Retardant Balm
Mojito Speeding Retardant Balm
Prolonged pleasures mojito taste!
  • Exotic taste
  • Increased sexual control
  • Sweet Chewable Fragrance
Dice 14€

Selection of the best self-timer gels

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Pleasure Balm Sensations Body Gel

Retardant and Intensifying Effect.
Erotic fragrances!
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Fiery Night Men's Performance Cream

Cream size.
Delay the ejaculation!
Firmer Erection & More Manly.
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Help Be Enduring

Control your ejaculation.
Delaying cream!
Ideal for the early ejaculator.
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Bull Power

Temporary desensitisation
Pleasant texture!
Better control of yourself.
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Control Retardant Gel

Long-lasting effect.
Delay Your Orgasm.
Natural Products
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Prolong 60 ml

Extends Your Reports.
Desensitizing Gel!
Water Based.
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retardant cbd
CBD Retardant Packaging

Lubricant Water Retardant CBD Infused 50 ml

100% Natural Ingredients
Very relaxing!
- 34%
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Pau Yuen Tong Retardant Balm

Discreet Container
Powerful and effective effects
Works great!
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Gel Retardant Stimulating Lastons

Easy to use
Effect in minutes
Easy to take, very discreet
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Rhino Long Power Delay Retardant Cream

Sharply reduces penal hypersensitivity
Very effective, guaranteed effects
Easy to take on oneself
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Chinese Retardant Brush China Brush 20 ml

Original and friendly concept
Proven efficiency!
Acts both in sensitivity and power
- 24%
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MaxiControl Retardant Gel 60 ml

No need to rinse
Effects appear in just 5 minutes
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Tagada Speeding Strawberry Retardant Balm

Increased aphrodisiac effect
Very exciting strawberry taste
Do not stain at all
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Mojito Speeding Retardant Balm

Maintaining sexual pleasure
Exquisite fragrance!
Very fun!

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How to choose the right gel or self-timer balm? My selection criteria

I will now tell you what criteria I took into account whe real looking sex doll n I selected these different products to make them my top 4. Nevertheless, I would like to make it clear that the choice of my criteria remains purely subjective flesh doll for sale and is up to me. So here they are:

The effects of inhibition

When talking about delaying gel, its effectiveness can be translated into its inhibiting effects. So it seemed quite normal to judge one product against another in terms of the effects i full body silicones for sale t brings to the level of effective reduction in sensitivity, because it is above all what allows us to improve our sexual performance.

The concept of duration

The concept of duration is divided into two cases. The duration of effectiveness of the product and the waiting pe mannequin sex dolls riod before it takes effect. These elements must be taken into account primarily in practice. A product best doll sex that takes time to act does not always help us when we find ourselves in the fire young silicone sex doll of action.


Delaying gels are practiced differently on the best silicone dolls. So I took care to select the products that are easiest to use. One can also include the ease with which one can take it with yourself i black love doll n a very discreet way in the maneuverability criteria.

The quality/price ratio

An essential criterion for all, the purchase price in relation to the quality or effectiveness of the pro anime doll shop duct. Quality is identified in all of the above criteria. It remains to compare prices on the market. My sec cyber sex robot ond top tells you a lot about the products that combine these two elements perfectly, in my opinion.

Why invest in a self-timer gel?

It is true that self-timer gels are mainly aimed at people who suffer from early ejacula real flesh doll tions. And I strongly support the idea that gel remains one of the most effective ways to deal with this type of problem in a completely natural and effective way. There is no physio free real doll logical effect and in the majority of cases this does not significantly harm the basic sensitivity of the best silicone dolls daily. If you ever fear losing your senses c a life size doll ompletely and permanently reducing your daily sensitivity to your gender, this gel is not a problem for you.

So I advise you to try it, even if you do not necessarily suffer from sexual disorders. You can easily taste it, and without a tpe puppen ny risk of addiction or other. You will simply have the chance to experien robotic lovers machine ce an effective and safe way to start your sexual intercourse in a completely different way, to improve it, improve your per used sex dolls formance, revive your sex life, and to content your partner to the greatest extent or make a good impression.

I'm telling you frankly, investing in a self-timer gel won't cost you much, but chances are yo sexual dolls u still have a lot to gain.

Maintenance of the Retardant Gel

There is not much to say about maintaining a self-timer gel. In the vast majority of cases, the gel remains perfectly protected and beautiful female robots for sale preserved by its original container. No risk of deterioration before the expiry date, as long as you keep it at room temperature, away from hot sexing tits spots and other obvious hazard areas.

Take care to cover the cap, if there is one, to avoid any loss in the effectiveness of the product, most of which pornstar dolls are based on the aroma and properties of the extracts that make up it. Some gels may also be better stored when submitted to a low temperature in a refrige sinthetics male doll video rant, but this also does not mean that they should be frozen, it would cause the opposite effect.

In general, it is still necessary to stay attentive to the texture and smell of the product in order to detect, in case, possible deterioration, robot sex doll but this does not happen rarely.

Instructions for use — how to use it correctly?

The use of a retardant gel depends primarily on the type of gel real doll japan you are using. The latter can come in the form of balm, spray, ointment or simply in the form of an oil. The same is true for its application at the best silicone dolls lev japanese adult toys el. There is no gel that is consumed orally, but the application is always simulator de sex done directly on the male erogenous zone.

Some require a small penal massage to properly incorporate the product, while others apply by a spray. The effects vary depending on the type of person and the potency of the anesthetic, ranging f anime doll rom 5 to 45 minutes. The same applies to the effects on sex ranging from 1 h to 3 h of time. In any case, you doll manufacturers in china will have plenty of time to perform 2 to 3 turns taking advantage of the benefits of the self-timer gel.

However, it should always be borne in mind that certain gels can be dangerous for pregnant women, as well as for the elderly or suffering from liver, heart or kidney realdolls.com problems. Take care to read carefully the package leaflet that accompanies the product you are testing to avoid any type of risk.

Written by marco
Hi, it's marco. I ordered my first Fleshlight two years ago and since then I can't do without it. I even make it the collection today! After a period of intense frustration, used love dolls for sale I found as who would say the “good compromise “between the hand job (boring by repeating) and the escorts (too expensive). The sensations are not the craziest but the final asex doll orgasm is just 10 times better than with the hand...

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